Is 52V better than 48V? (2024)

Is 52V better than 48V?

Which Is Better: 48V or 52V? The biggest difference in battery voltages appears when either battery is about half discharged. At that point, for a 48V battery, a significant power drop occurs. A 52V battery will not experience the same drop in power at the halfway point, making it a better choice.

Which is better 48V or 52V battery?

They both look the same but one has 4 more cells and that much more capacity and power. Takeaway: It's simple; you get more power and range with a 52v battery than with a 48V battery. With more power for climbing hills, accelerating faster, and more capacity for going farther, 52v batteries have the advantage.

What is the top speed of the 52V battery?

In our 48V vs 52V battery comparison, we wanted to find the difference in top speed between a 48V and 52V battery. Using a Bafang BBSHD motor, keeping all other parameters the same (rider, bike, etc), we reached a top speed of 30mph with a 48V battery and 32mph with a 52V battery, a modest advantage.

How far can a 52V 20Ah battery go?

52V 20Ah Ebike Battery is over 80 miles per charge on pedal-assist mode and around 50 miles on pure electric power mode.

What is the range of a 52V battery?

Simply put, larger the voltage, stronger the energy and longer the battery life. Compared with the commonly-seen 48V 15Ah battery which can sustain a range as far as 40 miles at a full charge, a 52V 15Ah like Magicycle is able to cover 33 to 55 miles range.

How fast is 1000W 48V in mph?

A 48V 1000W ebike typically reaches top speeds between 28 to 30 mph (45 to 48 km/h) on flat ground, depending on factors such as rider weight and road conditions.

Can I use 52V with a 48V motor?

In conclusion, using a 52V battery on a 48V motor can provide enhanced speed, power, and range, making it an attractive option for many riders. While compatibility concerns may arise, reputable companies like Electrify Bike have tested and verified the compatibility of 52V batteries on 48V motors.

How far can a 52v ebike go?

Generally speaking, you can expect anywhere from a 25- to 70-mile ride on a single charge. For example, through our range test, we found that riding with light pedaling us a range of 50 miles going at a speed of 10 mph with the standard 52V battery.

Will a higher voltage battery make my ebike faster?

The speed of a DC motor (like the one in your e-bike) is entirely voltage dependent. So higher voltages = higher speeds. By keeping your battery at a higher state of charge, you'll inherently travel faster.

How fast is a 52v 750W ebike?

A 750W e-bike is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 mph, though this can vary depending on a variety of factors such as the rider's weight, the terrain, and the battery condition. The motor belongs to the class three category, which means it is capable of reaching speeds of up to 28 mph at its maximum.

What is the cut off voltage for a 52V battery?

Well-Known Member. You should really track voltage instead of percentage as that is what triggers the LVC (Low Voltage Cutoff). 52v batteries, 58.8v hot off the charger, should be set for 43v LVC.

What is the low voltage cutoff for a 52V ebike battery?

Our controllers will hit a Low Voltage Cutout of around 3.2 volts per cell or so. (@48 volts nominal) So for a 52 volt nominal battery, this would be equal to a charge of 44.8 volts. This would probably be the lowest recommended usable voltage.

How far will a 48V 20Ah battery last?

So a 48v 20ah battery has 960 watt hours (48 * 20 = 960). A bike going roughly 25mph unassisted will use roughly 20-25wh/mile. So if you get 20wh/mile, the bike will go 48 miles pr charge. If it gets 25wh/mile it will go 38 miles pr charge.

How long does a 52V battery last?

Taking the 52V 20Ah battery as an example, it is 52V x 20Ah =1014 Watt Hour, 1014 Watt Hour ÷ 16 Watt Hour = 65 miles. As it shows, the 52V 20Ah battery from Magicycle can grant a range of 65 miles, which is achieved under full power mode. If it were under both full power and PAS mode, the mileage can be more.

What is the top speed of a 52V 2000w?

The KirbEbike is equipped with a powerful 52V 2000w bike motor brushless direct drive design, all black color nice and strong wheels for disc brakes, 135-142mm open size to suit most models, and can fuel up to 45-50km/h riding speeds.

How long does it take to charge a 52V battery?

EBC Universal Smart Charger - 52v 2 amp Lithium Ion Battery

This 2 amp charger will charge the 52v Shark battery in 4-6 hours.

How fast is the 52v 1500W?

Top speed: 100-80km/h(65-50mile/h) with 26inch wheel or 29in 700c mountain bike wheel; Huge torque, 155N./M, good ability to climb hills; LCD display shows battery power level, time, speed, mileage, gear.

How fast is 750W in mph?

Using a 750W e-bike, you can travel at 28 mph (45 km/h) or faster. It is one of the best solutions for speed and safety. High wattages would boost speed but have risks. High-speed electric bikes are not allowed in many places.

How fast is 500W 48V in mph?

In general, a 500W electric bike can reach speeds of up to 20-28 miles per hour (32-45 kilometers per hour) on flat terrain, with lighter riders and more powerful motors potentially achieving higher speeds.

Can a 48V controller handle 72V?

You'd have to know what caps and fets it has. All the 48V controllers I've seen have 63V caps and fets not much higher which would make them not capable of using a 72V battery pack. OTOH, you can get a controller capable of up to 100V for about $35 shipped.

What is the difference between 48V and 52V ebike motors?

A 52V e-bike battery provides a faster speed to the motor than a 48V. One of the most important differences is related to the range, a 52V e-bike battery offers a range wider than a 48V. A 52V battery fresh off the charger will produce almost 59 V while a 48V battery will produce around 54.5V.

Can you run a 52 volt battery on a 48 volt ebike?

They are both 48V and the same Ah,s! The short answer is yes, this is fine as long as they have the same voltage.

What is the fastest electric bike in 2023?

The fastest electric bike at the moment is the Hi Power Cycles Revolution XX – with a whopping top speed of 120km/h. It's the fastest ever produced, but there are plenty of companies snapping at HPC's heels to break that record.

Which ebike has biggest battery?

Aniioki A8 Pro Max tech specs
  • Motor: 1,000W (1,400W peak) geared hub motor.
  • Top speed: 51.5 km/h (32 mph)
  • Average Range: Up to 320 km (200 mi) on pedal assist.
  • Battery: 48V 60Ah (2,880 Wh)
  • Charge time: 7-8 hours.
  • Max load: 158 kg (350 lb.)
  • Weight: 46 kg (101 lb.)
Jun 16, 2023

Which ebike battery lasts longest?

Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular type for newer bike models because they have been proven to be durable, safe, and long-lasting. A well-maintained lithium-ion e-bike battery can last three to five years and upwards of 1000 charge cycles throughout its lifespan.

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