Can you run a 52 volt battery on a 48 volt ebike? (2024)

Can you run a 52 volt battery on a 48 volt ebike?

Running a 52V ebike battery on a 48V ebike involves inherent risks, including potential damage to components and voiding warranties. Manufacturers design ebike systems based on specific voltage parameters, and deviating from these parameters may lead to unforeseen issues.

Can I put a 52V battery on a 48V ebike?

The short answer is yes, this is fine as long as they have the same voltage. The larger battery simply has more capacity. Can I use batteries with a different voltage and capacity on an e-bike?

Can I run a 60V battery on a 48V motor?

The motor doesn't matter. It all depends on the controllers max voltage limit. Most with an lcd display are limited to 60V max by the display and 63V max by the controller.

What is the difference between 52 and 48 ebike?

A 52V e-bike battery provides a faster speed to the motor than a 48V. One of the most important differences is related to the range, a 52V e-bike battery offers a range wider than a 48V. A 52V battery fresh off the charger will produce almost 59 V while a 48V battery will produce around 54.5V.

Can I use a 36V battery with a 48V ebike motor?

On the other hand, using a 36V battery on an e-bike with a controller and motor specced for up to 48V won't let you take full advantage of that battery's potential power. For this same reason, you should also be sure that the battery charger you're using is compatible with your battery's voltage.

Can I use a 52V battery on a 48V Bbshd?

Change the battery setting to UBE and it will autodetect the correct voltage. I use my BBSHD with both 48 and 52V batteries but I use a CAV2. 4 to keep an eye on the voltage.

Can I put a stronger battery in my ebike?

Selecting the right voltage and capacity for your replacement battery depends on how you plan to use your electric bike. Suppose you're an adventurous soul seeking long rides and challenging terrains. In that case, a higher voltage and larger capacity battery might be ideal, providing the necessary power and range.

Can I use 52V with a 48V motor?

In conclusion, using a 52V battery on a 48V motor can provide enhanced speed, power, and range, making it an attractive option for many riders. While compatibility concerns may arise, reputable companies like Electrify Bike have tested and verified the compatibility of 52V batteries on 48V motors.

Can a 48V controller handle 72V?

You'd have to know what caps and fets it has. All the 48V controllers I've seen have 63V caps and fets not much higher which would make them not capable of using a 72V battery pack. OTOH, you can get a controller capable of up to 100V for about $35 shipped.

What is the cut off voltage for a 48V ebike battery?

There are thirteen series groups in a 48V battery, and if any of them go under about 3 Volts, the BMS shuts off the battery.. If the groups are all balanced, shutdown happens around 39 volts.

How fast is 1000W 48V in mph?

A 48V 1000W ebike typically reaches top speeds between 28 to 30 mph (45 to 48 km/h) on flat ground, depending on factors such as rider weight and road conditions.

Will a bigger battery make my ebike faster?

Since motor speed is voltage dependent, using a higher voltage battery is the quickest way to substantially increase your speed. However, before you upgrade your 36V battery to 48V, for example, you'll want to check that your controller can handle the increased voltage (most can accept slight over-volting).

Is 52V better than 48V?

Which Is Better: 48V or 52V? The biggest difference in battery voltages appears when either battery is about half discharged. At that point, for a 48V battery, a significant power drop occurs. A 52V battery will not experience the same drop in power at the halfway point, making it a better choice.

Can 48V motor run on 36V?

Generally, it cannot be used, because most of the transistors used in the 36-volt controller can withstand a voltage of 50 volts, and a 48-volt battery can reach more than 55v when fully charged, so a 48-volt battery cannot be used for a 36-volt electric vehicle. Up.

What happens if I use a 48V 20ah battery instead of the 48V 12ah original battery of my ebike will it damage it?

You will have increased capacity - the battery will have a longer run time assuming that it's used in the same eBike, meaning you can go further on a single charge. It's a great upgrade, a 66% increase in capacity. As long as the voltage of the battery pack is the same, you're fine.

What happens if I use a 48V charger with a 36V battery?

Charging a 36V battery with a 48V charger can potentially lead to overcharging, which may cause irreversible damage to the battery cells.

What is the difference between a 36V and 48V ebike battery?

It is pretty simple to understand. A 36V e-bike battery will allow you to draw a lesser critical current, typically around 15 amperes whereas, a 48V e-bike battery will allow more current in the range of 10 – 40 amperes. It means you can go faster with a 48V E-bike battery.

What is the low voltage cutoff for a 52V ebike battery?

Our controllers will hit a Low Voltage Cutout of around 3.2 volts per cell or so. (@48 volts nominal) So for a 52 volt nominal battery, this would be equal to a charge of 44.8 volts. This would probably be the lowest recommended usable voltage.

Can I charge a 52V battery with a 48V charger?

Yes, they absolutely do. IF you purchase a 48V battery, you MUST HAVE a 48V charger, which will charge to NO HIGHER THAN 50.4V. You have at least two and possibly three meters showing a charge of 53-54V. Including one at or more than 54.6, the max charge for a 52V battery.

Can you run 2 batteries on an ebike?

Technical details of a Dual-Battery Ebike

The two batteries are connected in parallel, meaning they both contribute to the overall range of your e-bike. When one battery runs low, the other can take over to extend your trip even further.

Can you replace a 36v battery with a 48V battery on an ebike?

Usually not. 48v batteries charge to 54.6 at 100%, which exceeds your capacitor rating. Buy the battery that matches your power wheel, or buy a new power wheel that matches your battery.

How can I increase the power of my electric bike?

One of the most practices to boost the power of your ebike is to switch it into a higher voltage system. This can also be achieved by replacing your battery with one that has a higher voltage or by adding performance chips.

How far can a 52V 20Ah battery go?

52V 20Ah Ebike Battery is over 80 miles per charge on pedal-assist mode and around 50 miles on pure electric power mode.

How fast can a 48V 500W motor go?

A 500W motor provides speeds of around 18-22mph, suitable for short rides. On the other hand, a 1200W motor offers a significant boost, pushing max speed to 25-30mph, making it ideal for hilly terrains. If you crave exhilarating speeds, the 1500W motor propels you at an average of 35mph.

How fast does a 48V 1500W motor go?

48V 1500W Powerful brushless gearless motor with 34mph (55km/h) speed; Restricted to 750W and 24mph (38km/h) speed by default as a road-legal pedal bike conversion kit.

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