Obituary for Felix Puente at Northside Chapel (2024)


Felix Puente, 71, passed away on Friday, April 21, 2017 in Laredo, Texas.

Mr. Puente was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and had been a long life resident of Laredo, Texas.

He is survived by his children, Felix Puente Jr., Maria Del Carmen Puente Carreon (David), Maria Isabel Puente, Jesus Puente, Roberto Puente, Patricia Diaz De Leon and Juan Puente.

Grandchildren, Irene and Ivonne Puente, Daniel Jr., Brenda , Cindy, David and Michael Carreon, Guillermo Jr., David, Gerardo and Adriana Garcia, Jesus, Karina, Ivette, Jorge, Samantha, Vanessa and Jessie Puente, Jorge Gilberto and Reymundo Rodriguez. Amira and Abigail Diaz De Leon, Selena, Ariel, Roberto Jr. and Diego Puente, Dora, Maribel, Sonia, Ana, Antonio and Felix Puente.

Numerous great-grandchildren.

Also surviving him are other relatives and many friends.

Visitation and a Vigil of the Deceased, officiated by Rev. Deacon Leonard Aguillon, were held on Saturday, April 22, 2017 in the Hernandez, Lopez and Sons Southside Chapel, Loop 20 and Zapata Hwy. Committal services will be held on a later date.

Obituary for Felix  Puente at Northside Chapel (2024)


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