What is the difference between a 36 volt and 48 volt golf cart? (2024)

What is the difference between a 36 volt and 48 volt golf cart?

48V golf carts have improved torque, better pulling/hauling power up hills and around rough terrain, and just have more overall power in general.

What's the difference between a 36 V and a 48 V golf cart?

Voltage also determines the strength of the electric current. What does this mean for your golf cart? It essentially means that higher volts translate into more power. So the 48V cart is more powerful than the 36V—and the 72V cart offers more power than either 48V or 36V.

How far can a 36V golf cart go?

On flat terrain, an electric golf cart typically uses around 0.06 kWh per mile or 60 Wh per mile. This means that a 36V/200Ah battery can run for about 120 miles. If you're driving uphill or downhill, the power consumption will increase or decrease, respectively.

What volt is best for golf cart?

Some specialty carts can support 36-, 42- or 72-volt packs, but the average golf cart requires 48 volts of battery power to operate.

Can a 36V golf cart motor run on 48V?

yes, you can use a 36V motor with a 48V controller.

Does a 48 volt golf cart go faster than a 36 volt golf cart?

Remember, the 48 volt cart has 6 batteries at 8 volts a piece. With that being said, it has additional power compared to the 36 volt option. So, when it comes to performance, you can expect higher top speeds when the peddle is pushed to the floor.

Can I put 4 12 volt batteries in a 36 volt golf cart?

The short answer is yes. Standard car batteries are 12-volts, and you could connect three or four of them in series to provide the required 36 or 48 volts to your golf cart motor.

Is 36V better than 48V?

It is pretty simple to understand. A 36V e-bike battery will allow you to draw a lesser critical current, typically around 15 amperes whereas, a 48V e-bike battery will allow more current in the range of 10 – 40 amperes. It means you can go faster with a 48V E-bike battery.

How far will a 48 volt golf cart go on a full charge?

An electric cart will go between 25 and 40 miles depending on your battery configuration. A 48-volt system of 4×12 volts can deliver approximately 600 amps. Yet a 48-volt system of 8×6 volts can deliver 1,800 amps.

How many miles will a 36 volt golf cart go on a full charge?

On average, a fully charged golf cart battery can last anywhere between 25 to 40 miles, depending on factors such as the type of battery, terrain, weight, and usage.

Should you charge golf cart after every use?

Without properly maintaining batteries, you could see the life fall to as low as one year. Golf cart batteries must be charged after every use. Even if you only run your cart 10-15 min., be sure to plug it back in when you are done.

Can I change my 36 volt golf cart to 48?

SERIES carts like the one pictured below have a lever Forward and Reverse selector. ​This slow 36v cart can be converted to a TXT48 drive system and a powerful motor with our custom plug n play wire harness.

How can I make my golf cart battery last longer?

Keep the tops of each golf cart battery dry, clean and tight. You can clean the batteries with a bristle brush and a solution of baking soda and water, but definitely wear eye protection and rubber gloves. You can also spray the cables with anti-corrosive spray to prevent corrosion and rust.

What happens if you put 48v in a 36v golf cart?

Running a 48v motor on a 36v cart will likely end up badly. It's common to do the opposite, convert to 48v while keeping the 36v motor but not how yours is set up. The motor will likely run hot from not receiving enough voltage, and a 48v charger would kill 36v batteries in just a few months.

What happens if you put 48v to a 36v motor?

But while your e-bike will probably power on and function, you can cause damage to your e-bike by using a battery with higher voltage than the e-bike's motor and/or controller are designed to handle. That's the case when using a 48V battery on a maximum 36V motor or controller.

Can a 36v motor handle 48v?

Usually not. 48v batteries charge to 54.6 at 100%, which exceeds your capacitor rating. Buy the battery that matches your power wheel, or buy a new power wheel that matches your battery.

Why is my 36 volt golf cart so slow?

Weak batteries, incorrect tires, and wear and tear to the motor are all potential causes of your cart's slow speed.

How many batteries do I need for a 36 volt golf cart?

A large selection of carts are 36 volt carts. So, if you are using six volt batteries, you will need six batteries to power your cart. You will need three twelve volt batteries – if your cart is compatible with those – for a 36 volt cart. A 48 volt cart can use six volt, eight volt, or twelve volt batteries.

Can you put 4 12 volt batteries in a 48 volt golf cart?

In a 48 volt golf cart you can use 4 12 volt batteries in place of 6 8 volt batteries. These need to be connected in series (negative to positive) in order to create 48 volts from the battery pack.

Why are golf cart batteries so expensive?

Golf cart batteries are usually a sealed lead-acid type battery and they are called deep cycle (designed to drain a lot of its current over a long period of time.) The internal structure of deep cycle batteries are more costly to make compared to a regular battery and this added cost is passed on to you.

Can you charge a 36 volt golf cart with a 48 volt charger?

The voltage of the charger must be matched to the voltage of the battery system being charged. A 48 volt charger would see your 36 volt battery system as a very under-charged battery (not being 48 volts) and the net effect would be to damage your batteries attempting to bring them up to 48 volts.

Can you use a car battery in a golf cart?

Yes. Standard car batteries are 12-volts, and you could connect three or four of them in series to provide the required 36 or 48 volts to your golf cart motor.

What is the advantage of 48V?

48V systems have the benefit of increasing power to components without raising the current – minimising copper, which requires expensive cabling and a loss in transmission. 48V is competent enough in handling EV components without compromising fuel-economising strategies.

What is the advantage of 48V battery?

One thing that makes a 48V LiFeP04 battery more energy efficient is its low current. Higher voltage systems generate less heat due to their lower current flow which reduces energy loss overall. This makes conversion from solar panels and other renewable power sources to the battery more efficient.

What happens if you charge a 36V battery with a 48V charger?

Using the wrong charger voltage can damage the battery and potentially create a safety hazard. It's important to always use a charger that matches the voltage of the battery you are trying to charge.

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