Is Belgium or Netherlands better to visit? (2024)

Is Belgium or Netherlands better to visit?

It's a close call, but the Netherlands has more things – like ancient windmills and tulip fields – that feel more “Dutch” than chocolatiers and breweries feel “Belgian.” Either way, neither country is particularly great for immersion in local culture.

Is it better to go to Brussels or Amsterdam?

Brussels is famous for Tintin, luxury chocolate, brilliant beer and the European Union. Amsterdam on the other hand is famous for its beautiful houses, coffee shops, canals and nightlife. Each city has a unique character and charm but give two different experiences.

Is Belgium worth going?

Offering chocolates, romance, historical grace and delicious food, Belgium turns into an ideal destination for all. It is a country that is the perfect blend of cosmopolitan culture and regional elegance. Being a country of medieval towns and Renaissance architecture, Belgium offers a perfect holiday experience to all.

Is Netherlands or Belgium more expensive?

Cost of living in Netherlands is 10% more expensive than in Belgium.

Should I go to Amsterdam or Antwerp?

The size and atmosphere of both cities is very different. If you like to visit "world famous" musea you should head for Amsterdam. I prefer the atmosphere in Antwerp but it is A LOT smaller. And also Amsterdam has its own specific atmosphere.

How many days is good for Belgium?

A weeklong visit is the perfect amount of time to explore two Belgian cities. Five days is sufficient for encountering the highlights of Brussels, but a week will allow for a more in-depth cultural experience in an additional city or region.

Why is Brussels so special?

With its brilliant architecture, innumerable museums, plethora of art galleries, many places to eat, multiple shops, and vibrant nightlife, Brussels is a must-visit for every tourist who wishes to enjoy both culture and modernity in a single place.

How many days are enough for Netherlands?

7–9 days, add: Rotterdam and Leiden (day-trip from Haarlem or Delft), or more day-trip towns north of Amsterdam (Alkmaar and Hoorn/Enkhuizen) 10–11 days, add: Arnhem (for the two first-rate museums nearby) and either Utrecht or more time in Delft to day-trip to The Hague.

How many days in Amsterdam is enough?

Three days is the perfect amount of time to spend in the city. Amsterdam is quite small, so you don't have to be here for a long time to see all the best attractions. If you're wondering what to do in Amsterdam in 3 days, this is the article for you.

Is Belgium very expensive?

For context, living in Belgium is considerably cheaper than in the United States and the nearby European countries such as the Netherlands, France, and Austria.

Is Netherlands the nicest country?

A recent quality of life ranking published by international cost of living database Numbeo has placed the Netherlands in the number one spot, beating out tough competition from the likes of Denmark and Switzerland.

Is food cheaper in Belgium or Netherlands?

In general, the Dutch supermarkets are still cheaper, but not for each category, and the differences are narrowing.

Is Belgium similar to Netherlands?

Both nations are great allies with cultural similarities and close cooperation between both governments. Dutch/Flemish (Nederlands/Vlaams) is an official language of Belgium, and is the most-spoken language in both countries.

Which is more beautiful Antwerp or Brussels?

The winner: It's a tie. The choice between Antwerp and Brussels depends on your personal preference. If you prefer a city with a rich heritage and historical and political importance, go to Brussels. If you prefer a city with a vibrant atmosphere and lively energy, Antwerp is your best bet.

Why is Antwerp famous?

Antwerp has been known as the diamond capital of the world for several centuries, a title which hasn't been easily earned. The diamond trade in the port started nearly 500 years ago when the first rough stones were brought over from India.

Why is Antwerp popular?

In the early 21st century, Antwerp remained one the world's most important petrochemical centres. Other important products include photographic and electronic equipment and cut diamonds, the latter for which Antwerp is world famous. According to legend, the first diamond was cut in Antwerp in 1476.

Which month is good to visit Belgium?

The best time to visit Belgium is during the months of April, May and June and between September and October. These are the times the weather conditions are perfect; festivals are abundant, nature is at its beautiful best and activities are aplenty.

How much is the train from Amsterdam to Brussels?

Amsterdam to Brussels by train
First train06:15
Distance108 miles (175 km)
Frequency23 trains per day
ChangesDirect trains available
PriceFrom $29.71
5 more rows
Oct 1, 2023

Is it worth going to Brussels?

Brussels is absolutely worth visiting for a day. Many top sights are located just a short walk from each other so you can easily get around a good chunk of the city in a few hours. With a full day, you could also make time to fit in a museum or two like the Parlamentarium.

What food is Brussels known for?

In Brussels, savour other typical dishes and local produce: the famous mussels and chips, grilled endive, vol-au-vent, américain (a Belgian take on beef tartare), tomato and shrimp... Enjoy a pistolet, a small round bread with a golden crust and a soft crumb.

Is Belgium famous for anything?

Famous elements of the Belgian culture include gastronomy (Belgian beers, fries, chocolate, waffles, etc.), the comic strip tradition (Tintin, the Smurfs, Spirou & Fantasio, the Marsupilami, Lucky Luke, Largo Winch, etc.), painting and architecture (the Art Nouveau, the Mosan art, the Early Netherlandish painting, the ...

Is Brussels a walkable city?

Brussels is a walkable city

The main tourist areas are within walking distance, although some require a steep walk uphill.

What is the best month to go to Netherlands?

The best time weather-wise is from mid-April to mid-October. July and August are the peak months for visitors. The weather overall is never severely cold or hot as the temperatures are influenced by the North Sea (the Netherlands has a maritime climate). Most rain falls in the winter and it can feel damp and chilly.

Is Netherlands expensive for vacation?

Planning your visit: Netherlands trip cost and budget

Traveling to the Netherlands on mid-range budget costs around $152 per person, per day. A couple would spend $1,926 in one week. A solo traveler would spend $1,063 in one week.

What Netherland is famous for?

Windmills, tulips and Delft Blue: these are a few of our favorite things and they're seen as quintessentially Dutch by the rest of the world. While these things are rightfully iconic, there's so much more to Dutch heritage. Art, architecture, and even urban planning are an expression of the Dutch creative spirit.

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