How fast can a golf cart go? (2024)

How fast can a golf cart go?

The average top speed of a typical golf cart without any upgrades is between 12 and 14 miles per hour. Without any sort of modification or upgrade on a golf cart, the top speed that you will be getting on a golf cart is about 14mph.

Can a golf cart go 60 mph?

It's thrilling to drive upwards of 60 miles per hour, for example, but no golf cart should be modified that much! Most standard golf carts, particularly ones designed mainly for cruising around a golf course, have a top speed of around 15 miles per hour.

Can a golf cart go 100 mph?

Golf cart manufacturers typically install controllers into their vehicles which limit the top speed anywhere from 14 to 19.9 miles per hour depending on the state. However, there exist golf carts that can travel over 100 miles per hour!

Can golf carts go 35 mph?

A golf cart can have a maximum speed of 15 MPH. A NEV/LSV can have a maximum speed of 25 MPH. A golf cart driven on private property does not require a license or registration. A NEV/LSV can drive on a road with a posted speed limit of BELOW 35 MPH only.

Can golf carts go 40 mph?

40 mph golf carts are specially built to go faster than the standard golf cart. They have all the same features as a regular golf cart, but with a more powerful engine that can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. These carts are perfect for golfers who want to get around the course quickly, without having to walk.

How fast is too fast for golf cart?

Going faster than the manufacturer-endorsed speed can impede your vehicle's performance and put your safety at risk. Typically, golf carts are designed to go 15 mph on golf courses, and most manufacturers would recommend that you avoid going faster than 25 mph.

Which is faster gas or electric golf cart?

Speed and performance:

Surprisingly, electric carts actually have a higher top speed than gas carts. upgrades available to take that speed all the way up to 30mph! A gas cart can run up to 18 - 20 mph and there are not many speed upgrades you can do to one.

How far can a golf cart go on a full charge?

How you'll use a golf cart: Desired range – An electric cart's range is typically 15 to 25 miles, depending on the type of battery. With a 4 to 6 gallon fuel tank, you might average 100 to 180 miles with a gas cart.

Can you make electric golf carts faster?

A few ways to make your electric golf cart faster include: Add more torque to your Golf Cart. Upgrading your golf cart's motor. Improving the tires on your golf cart for more traction.

Can a 13 year old drive a golf cart in California?

California. Legal age of the driver is 13 years. The golf carts must not weigh more than 1,300 pounds, and it should not carry more than two people, including the driver.

Does lifting a golf cart make it faster?

Increased Speed – With the increase in overall height produced by larger circumference rims and taller tires, there is an increase in top speed due to the wheels rolling further with each revolution. That said, owners often opt for gearing changes or choose a stronger electric motor for faster speeds.

How powerful is a golf cart?

So how much hp does a golf cart have? An electric cart has between 3-5hp and a gas cart has about 10-12hp, so you will be able to tow more weight with a gas golf cart as it will have more torque power. Although, there are some exceptions like a 48-volt Club Car DS, which can have up to 10hp.

How much faster are golf carts with bigger tires?

While it's true that larger tires will make your golf cart go faster on flat ground without any customizing or tinkering with the engine, it's important to note that the increase in speed—likely 2-4 miles per hour—is the result of the tires' larger surface area which leads to more ground being covered by each tire ...

What is the most powerful golf cart?

The most powerful Electric Golf Cart on the market is the Club Car Onward HP Li-Ion. This Electric Golf Cart features a high-performance lithium-ion battery that provides superior power and longer-lasting performance compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.

Are lithium golf carts faster?

Consistent and powerful. Your cart can accelerate much faster with lithium, with no voltage sag. Eco-Friendly. Lithium is leak-proof and safer to store.

Why are golf carts so slow?

Low Voltage

Low batteries are the most common reason for golf carts slowing down. It is quite logical to assume that it may be because of the low power output produced by an uncharged battery. But if your cart's battery indicator shows a full battery, then it's time to get your battery checked.

Why do golf carts cost so much?

In other words, there aren't millions of them rolling off an assembly line each year. Instead, golf carts are typically produced in much smaller numbers, which translates into a higher per-unit cost. Secondly, golf carts are designed and built to last.

How fast will an electric golf cart go?

If your golf cart is used primarily for golfing, by your kids or your older parents, you may be a-okay with the standard electric golf cart speed of 12-14 mph. Even golf course golf carts go no faster than 15 miles per hour.

What is the world record for golf carts?

Although the Morugadi family holds the record for the longest distance in total, John and Ryan Pritchard have the record for the longest stretch in a golf cart in 24 hours. Traveling an unbelievable 120 miles in the Villages, Florida, it is hard to imagine being on a golf cart for that long period.

How fast can golf carts go in Florida?

Golf carts cannot be operated at speeds higher than 20 mph on Florida roadways. This stands even if there are signs stating that the speed limit is higher than 20 mph. However, it's crucial to operate your golf cart at speeds that are considered safe and reasonable based on the road conditions.

What engine is in Club Car?

Equipped with: Kohler EFI Gas Engine. 19.2 mph. LED Lights w/ turn signals & horn.

Are golf carts worth it?

All around, a golf cart is just super affordable and can be very easy on your wallet! Fuel Savings: You will save a tremendous amount of money on gas when you own a golf cart. Since most golf carts are powered solely by electricity, you will have no need to buy fuel to use them at all.

Are electric golf carts worth it?

Electric golf carts are much quieter than their gas-powered counterpart. Typically electric golf carts require less maintenance and are cheaper to operate. They also are slower than the gas options but produce zero emissions for the environment.

What are the disadvantages of electric golf carts?

Cons of electric golf carts

The main concern with an electric golf cart is battery life. It can distract you from a relaxing day on the course if you're worried about getting where you need to go or finding a charging station.

Should I buy an electric or gas golf cart?

Electric carts don't have the acceleration of gas carts. Gas carts are more powerful than electric carts. Gas carts will last longer than electric carts durability wise. Gas carts are cheaper because you don't have to buy a new set of batteries every 5 years approximately.

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