Men's Clothing Sale on Performance Apparel | Vuori Clothing (2024)

Men's Clothing Sale on Performance Apparel | Vuori Clothing (2024)


Why is Vuori so popular? ›

Why is Vuori so popular? While Vuori might be known for their Insta-famous joggers, the reasons for the brand's popularity goes beyond just one pair of pants. It's often compared to Lululemon in terms of design, quality construction, and super-soft fabrics.

Who is Vuori owned by? ›

Founder and CEO Joe Kudla remains majority ownership of Vuori. Other shares are owned by investors as well as early employees.

What does Vuori stand for? ›

Vuori means “mountain” in Finnish language, reflecting founder Joe Kudla's passion for mountain climbing.

Who is a competitor to Vuori? ›

Vuori's top competitors include Bandier, Rhone, and Ten Thousand. Bandier is a company that focuses on the retail industry, specifically in the domain of luxury activewear. The company offers a wide range of fashionable activewear pro…

What makes Vuori so expensive? ›

2. The fabrics that we use are, on average, 2-4X the cost of the fabrics used by the big active brands. We work with better materials and better construction, and we design our gear with a more modern, athletic fit.

Is Vuori a Chinese company? ›

Vuori is a buzzy activewear brand based in Carlsbad, California, known for its sweatpants. The company was founded in 2015 but took off in 2020, when the pandemic drove demand for athleisure. Joe Kudla, its founder and CEO, said the brand nearly tripled revenue that year.

Is Vuori a luxury brand? ›

VUORI: The Luxury Athletic Brand You Need to Know. VUORI's history started on the sunny shores of California in 2015. Effortlessly combining the West Coast aesthetic with technical, athletic clothing, the brand is the obvious choice for those who want to fuse fashion with function. VUORI has a strong look.

What does "vuori" mean in English? ›

inspired our tagline, The Rise.

Where does Vuori clothing ship from? ›

Since they ship from their southern California warehouse, if you're in California, you can expect 4-5 business days. But if you're on the east coast, it will be more along the lines of 5-10 business days after processing is completed. What is the Vuori returns policy?

Is Vuori clothing nice? ›

Vuori clothing is a bit on the pricey side, but I always prefer to spend more on a high-quality item that will last, rather than buy cheap and need to replace the item after a few wears. I've washed and dried these items many times now and they look as good as the day I got them.

When did Vuori get popular? ›

Whether you know Vuori or are just allowing me to familiarize you with it now (get out from under your rock), the brand has seen incredible global growth since its humble Encinitas beginning in 2014.

How many retail stores does Vuori have? ›

Currently, it operates over 50 stores in 17 states and internationally in London, Shanghai and Seoul, up from just four in 2019 all located in California. Plans are to open 20 to 25 stores over the next two or so years to reach 100 by 2026.

Does Vuori make money? ›

This is Joe Kudla. He took Vuori from garage to $380M per year in revenue — and made yoga cool for men along the way. Here's how he built a brand worth over $4B: In a garage in Southern California, Joe Kudla had a vision: To create activewear that seamlessly blended performance and everyday comfort.

What makes Vuori special? ›

What is special about VUORI clothing? Think buttery soft fabric, high-performance athletic apparel, technical fabrics, and vibrant colours. That's what you can expect from the VUORI clothing line. VUORI is well-known for its unique fabrics that guarantee a comfortable sports experience.

How did Vuori get so big? ›

The company enjoyed immediate success through a combination of sales through its flagship retail store in Encinitas, CA (famed for its surfing and laid-back lifestyle), direct-to-consumer sales, and limited wholesaling. Funding came from Kudla's savings and help from friends.

How is Vuori different? ›

Vuori makes premium performance apparel inspired by the active Coastal California lifestyle for both men and women. They design with performance in mind but also aim to prioritize ethical manufacturing, sustainability and community.


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